What does it mean to be dedicated? To be a hard worker?

I mean it was hard work for me to get out of bed this morning. I was so comfortable, and once I was scrolling through Facebook or watching cooking videos on YouTube, what more could a person possibly want?

But some- okay- most people cannot appreciate the Herculean effort that comes from getting out of bed. In fact, in an age where jobs, specifically well-paying jobs in the arts, are hard to come by, everyone is a hard worker.

Everyone has to work harder than the other guy, be dedicated and stubborn, and determined. And as a person who has few other skills to claim besides being a “hard worker” and perhaps one of the most quietly determined people you will ever meet- I am offended.

And before you ask, yes, I am quiet. In real life. Most of the time.

So now job seekers have to get up earlier, spend more time in college (accruing more debt) to get a specialized masters degree in who-knows-what, along with taking just about any internship that comes our way in an attempt to prove that we are talented and hardworking.

Which, just so you know, in the arts- your lovely internship is probably not paid. Or if it’s a stipend, it’s about one to three dollars an hour. Congrats though on getting that boring job that no one wants, which most likely is not what you actually want to do, and essentially acts as a place-holder on your resume. Good job, great hustle.

As a writer, I can’t help wondering… how the heck do I get an internship that allows me to- well-write! I’m assuming my preferred idea of getting a job writing short scripts about wizards and dragons is out- but surely I can manage a position writing for a magazine of some sort.

No? No. Okay. That’s cool. I’ll take the social media internships then along with random pre-production internships if I can get my paws on them. Which I normally can’t. And they never email me back. Hmmm… It’s almost like they don’t like me.

But all kidding aside, I am a hard worker- like the majority of the population. And I am dedicated. I have been writing at least since high school, I have at least four feature scripts under my belt along with countless shorter ones. I’ve even succumbed to the pressure of actually reading my unused school books about “How to Write” (essentially).

So how does one stand out beyond the crowd? Fight to leave their mark on this world with their wit and wisdom?

Well I don’t want all that. That’s so much pressure. I’ll settle for being gainfully employed for more than minimum wage.

Perhaps that is my skill beyond all others. I will be dedicated to finding a perfectly fine job that keeps me above the poverty line and writing.

Myths, magic, and legends would be the favored topics, but I don’t want to sound greedy.


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